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Une fleur? :3

Drew this for Long'er on MSN.

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Photobucket very badly resized it, but here it is.

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The Chinese to the side looks like grade schooler writing, especially in the crappy resize.

The blue scribbles in the black don't show up on my computer, but were really prominent in the print out. I don't want to work on it anymore, though.



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First real landscape on Photoshop! I uninstalled Photoshop 7 because it was being stupid. Several months ago, all of the settings reset themselves to default for some reason, and the pen pressure would not work. I tried to fix it, but I don't know how. I wanted to uninstall and reinstall it, but I don't have the disc. :X So I downloaded the trial of Photoshop CS. Aside from a few random errors and crashing, it's pretty darn spiffy!

I have no idea what to do with the water (help?), but I am really looking forward to detailing the swans and doing the clouds. ^_^ The sky was very fun to do, as was the grass. Whooo I love doing landscapes. Of course, it seems very undetailed, with a lot of solid colours. I wish I could paint on Photoshop like Mera. ): I just laid down colours and did Gaussian Blur.

Plug and Art

Please excuse me while I shamelessly plug the artwork I'm using for a fundraiser for my local Wildlife Centre.


All of the proceeds go to said Wildlife Centre and I'm already throwing in the twenty dollars (not including shipping) I spent to buy the pins. The Wildlife Centre takes care of injured, sick, or otherwise needy wild animals every day. It receives no government support, so every donation is appreciated. Comment if you're interested, and plug if you love me? ;;


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tl;dr I can't draw. ;;
So I really was going to do physics, but of course, I got distracted, and somehow one thing led to another and I wanted to continue writing the summaries for Beyond. Of course, I forgott 40% of what happens, so I'm doing this instead.

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Temporary Return

I was sort of emo one day and I drew these. Funny how I turned to drawing - and funny how it turned up being anime art. Hurr.


Cat has been posting about an art theif lately, and I finally posted on their dA page.

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So this is going to sound way random, but I made an account on deviant just to ask you this.
I'm absolutely in love with your artwork of charmander bulbusaur squirtle and pikachu.

im getting ready for college and buying new clothes and stuff, and realized i wanted to do some custom shirts.. with just like iron on transfers you know.

Im sure you realize where this is going :P but is there any way for you to send me those pics without the watermark? I'm not going to make more than one shirt.. its just for me to have. I would 100 percent understand if you dont want too..

But it would be really neat.
anyway. thanks for reading.

Haha, I'm honoured someone likes my art, but I wish it was the stuff I was actually serious about. I gave him the unwatermarked stuff.

In somewhat of the same news but not really, I've been feeling frustrated about my art recently and I can't seem to draw anything that doesn't look creepy and/or disgusting. Someone please remind me why I ever thought I was good at art.

Here's an eye to make up for the emoing.